The Whitleys Live at The Corner Hotel with Gillian Cosgriff

Episode notes:
Yon and Gillian Cosgriff (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) are a brother-sister rock duo at their first gig since their father’s death. Featuring Scott Edgar (Tripod) on guitar. And Sammy J on punter

00:13 Intro Song
00:54 Welcome, What is this podcast and why do it?
02:27 Introducing Gillian Cosgriff
05:28 Introducing Scott Edgar
05:50 Sammy J and his co-punters
07:24 The Whitleys Live at The Corner Hotel begins here with encore applause
09:41 Go There
12:54 The Lie You Want To Hear
17:15 Casio
20:32 Post Show chat: Could Yon and Gil be siblings?
21:00 Siding with one’s character
21:27 Collaborating vs not
22:20 Pop songy lyrics
22:33 The original pitch
24:05 Discoveries? Music crowds vs comedy crowds
25:21 Scott’s take
26:09 Outro song