Yon is joined by Andrew Patterson (Eurobeat the Musical) to tell a story set in a mum’s car as she gives her 16-year-old son a lift to the mall. Little does she know that her son is planning to fight a kid from school there. Helen Yotis-Patterson (Taxithi) plays the mum.

Episode notes:
00:13 Intro Song
00:52 Welcome, Minuscule Musical whats and whys
02:00 Introducing Andrew Patterson
03:50 The Pitch
05:26 Introducing Helen Yotis Patterson
05:54 Act I of Holiday Hits begins here with New Leather Jacket/Get The First Punch In
09:38 I Don’t Want To Let You Down/So Lucky
12:23 Act II Ready To Let Go
16:07 Ready To Let Go cont’d
18:44 Post Show Chat: Why would a kid like Charlie pick a fight?
20:27 Helen and the mum
22:07 Minuscule musicals
22:53 Thankyous
23:24 Outro song