Yon is joined by Margot Morales (Cowards) and James Gales (Lighthouser) to tell the tale of of two climbers of Qomolangma (Mt Everest) who jostle on the summit for a clear video shot of themselves.

Episode notes:
00:13 Intro Song
00:49 Welcome, What is Minuscule Musical?
02:03 Introducing Morgot Morales
02:51 The Pitch
04:12 Introducing James Gales
05:27 Qomolangma begins Gotta Beat That Cloud
10:22 The Lydia Fall
14:22 I’m Not The Dad
18:04 Brand New Dead Guy
18:31 Message To Ron’s Kids
19:10 Just Lydia
19:57 Calling Dave At The Pub
20:57 Post show chat: Writing short musicals
21:40 Margot has a question
21:46 Margot’s favourite bit/Collaborating
22:31 Yon’s obsession
23:14 Audience Questions/Research?
24:10 Thanks
24:21 Outro Song