Yon and Sammy J (ABCTV) tell the story of a convict in colonial Tasmania who tries to escape by wearing a kangaroo’s skin - and the guard who discovers him. James Gales joins them on piano. Gillian Cosgriff provides Prison Logs

Episode notes:
00:13 Intro Song
00:53 Welcome, What is and why do a Minuscule Musical?
02:40 Introducing Sammy J and James Gales
03:59 The Pitch
05:58 Introducing Gillian Cosgriff
06:44 Mangaroo begins here with Prison Log 17th June 1838
06:58 The Worst Guard
10:11 Prison Log 20th June 1838
10:22 Fly
13:29 Prison Log 22nd June 1838
13:46 Go Time
14:54 Prison Log 10:47pm
15:10 I’m Gonna Kill and Eat a Kangaroo
15:53 Prison Log 10:47pm cont’d
16:10 Prison Log June 23rd
16:14 Twisting In My Bedsheets/Worst Guard (reprise)
17:52 Prison Log 25th June
18:02 Fly (reprise)
18:38 Post show chat: Live show versus Radio
19:19 Sammy’s collaboration moves
20:05 Discoveries?
20:37 Favourite bits?
21:33 Audience question: How true to the facts is the musical?
22:13 Why isn’t Gillian singing?
22:23 Thankyous
22:52 Outro song