Yon is joined by Karlis Zajd (Beautiful Losers) for a fly-on-the-wall insight into how Bono and the Edge of U2 hatched their plan to write the (eventually troubled) production of the Spiderman: Into the Dark musical. Featuring Fiona Choi (The Family Law) as Julie Taymor and Steven Gates (Tripod) on guitar.

Episode notes:
00:12 Intro Song
00:51 Welcome, Minuscule Musicals: The Whats and Whys
02:37 Introducing Karlis Zaid
03:36 The Pitch
05:46 Introducing Steven Gates
06:53 Julie Taymor, introducing Fiona Choi
07:34 Eight Legs Good, Two Legs Bad AKA Spiderman: The Musical: The Minuscule Musical begins with How Did They Do It?
09:27 That Got Me Thinking
09:59 The Locusts
11:32 Long Way Down
14:22 Let’s See What Julie Says
16:11 The Edge Loses It/Meeting Julie
18:29 Not Our Bag
19:24 Bono and The Edge
19:54 Dark Plunge
22:08 Post show chat: U2-ey?
22:21 Favourite bit?
22:52 Has anyone in the audience been in the audience of Turn Off The Dark?
25:56 Outro Song