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Yon is joined by Karlis Zajd (Beautiful Losers) for a fly-on-the-wall insight into how Bono and the Edge of U2 hatched their plan to write the (eventually troubled) production of the Spiderman: Into the Dark musical. Featuring Fiona Choi (The Family Law) as Julie Taymor and Steven Gates (Tripod) on guitar.

Episode notes:
00:12 Intro Song
00:51 Welcome, Minuscule Musicals: The Whats and Whys
02:37 Introducing Karlis Zaid
03:36 The Pitch
05:46 Introducing Steven Gates
06:53 Julie Taymor, introducing Fiona Choi
07:34 Eight Legs Good, Two Legs Bad AKA Spiderman: The Musical: The Minuscule Musical begins with How Did They Do It?
09:27 That Got Me Thinking
09:59 The Locusts
11:32 Long Way Down
14:22 Let’s See What Julie Says
16:11 The Edge Loses It/Meeting Julie
18:29 Not Our Bag
19:24 Bono and The Edge
19:54 Dark Plunge
22:08 Post show chat: U2-ey?
22:21 Favourite bit?
22:52 Has anyone in the audience been in the audience of Turn Off The Dark?
25:56 Outro Song

Yon is joined by Margot Morales (Cowards) and James Gales (Lighthouser) to tell the tale of of two climbers of Qomolangma (Mt Everest) who jostle on the summit for a clear video shot of themselves.

Episode notes:
00:13 Intro Song
00:49 Welcome, What is Minuscule Musical?
02:03 Introducing Morgot Morales
02:51 The Pitch
04:12 Introducing James Gales
05:27 Qomolangma begins Gotta Beat That Cloud
10:22 The Lydia Fall
14:22 I’m Not The Dad
18:04 Brand New Dead Guy
18:31 Message To Ron’s Kids
19:10 Just Lydia
19:57 Calling Dave At The Pub
20:57 Post show chat: Writing short musicals
21:40 Margot has a question
21:46 Margot’s favourite bit/Collaborating
22:31 Yon’s obsession
23:14 Audience Questions/Research?
24:10 Thanks
24:21 Outro Song

Yon is joined by Andrew Patterson (Eurobeat the Musical) to tell a story set in a mum’s car as she gives her 16-year-old son a lift to the mall. Little does she know that her son is planning to fight a kid from school there. Helen Yotis-Patterson (Taxithi) plays the mum.

Episode notes:
00:13 Intro Song
00:52 Welcome, Minuscule Musical whats and whys
02:00 Introducing Andrew Patterson
03:50 The Pitch
05:26 Introducing Helen Yotis Patterson
05:54 Act I of Holiday Hits begins here with New Leather Jacket/Get The First Punch In
09:38 I Don’t Want To Let You Down/So Lucky
12:23 Act II Ready To Let Go
16:07 Ready To Let Go cont’d
18:44 Post Show Chat: Why would a kid like Charlie pick a fight?
20:27 Helen and the mum
22:07 Minuscule musicals
22:53 Thankyous
23:24 Outro song

The Whitleys Live at The Corner Hotel with Gillian Cosgriff

Episode notes:
Yon and Gillian Cosgriff (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) are a brother-sister rock duo at their first gig since their father’s death. Featuring Scott Edgar (Tripod) on guitar. And Sammy J on punter

00:13 Intro Song
00:54 Welcome, What is this podcast and why do it?
02:27 Introducing Gillian Cosgriff
05:28 Introducing Scott Edgar
05:50 Sammy J and his co-punters
07:24 The Whitleys Live at The Corner Hotel begins here with encore applause
09:41 Go There
12:54 The Lie You Want To Hear
17:15 Casio
20:32 Post Show chat: Could Yon and Gil be siblings?
21:00 Siding with one’s character
21:27 Collaborating vs not
22:20 Pop songy lyrics
22:33 The original pitch
24:05 Discoveries? Music crowds vs comedy crowds
25:21 Scott’s take
26:09 Outro song

Yon and Sammy J (ABCTV) tell the story of a convict in colonial Tasmania who tries to escape by wearing a kangaroo’s skin - and the guard who discovers him. James Gales joins them on piano. Gillian Cosgriff provides Prison Logs

Episode notes:
00:13 Intro Song
00:53 Welcome, What is and why do a Minuscule Musical?
02:40 Introducing Sammy J and James Gales
03:59 The Pitch
05:58 Introducing Gillian Cosgriff
06:44 Mangaroo begins here with Prison Log 17th June 1838
06:58 The Worst Guard
10:11 Prison Log 20th June 1838
10:22 Fly
13:29 Prison Log 22nd June 1838
13:46 Go Time
14:54 Prison Log 10:47pm
15:10 I’m Gonna Kill and Eat a Kangaroo
15:53 Prison Log 10:47pm cont’d
16:10 Prison Log June 23rd
16:14 Twisting In My Bedsheets/Worst Guard (reprise)
17:52 Prison Log 25th June
18:02 Fly (reprise)
18:38 Post show chat: Live show versus Radio
19:19 Sammy’s collaboration moves
20:05 Discoveries?
20:37 Favourite bits?
21:33 Audience question: How true to the facts is the musical?
22:13 Why isn’t Gillian singing?
22:23 Thankyous
22:52 Outro song

Jude Perl, award-winning musician and comedian joins Yon to tell a story about a Funeral celebrant who keeps crying at the services she's officiating.

Episode notes:
00: How to support us
00:13 Intro song
00:51 Welcome, what is and why do a Minuscule Musical?
02:43 Introducing Jude Perl
04:01 The Pitch
06:37 Cryerarchy! begins here with Family Business
08:15 Funeral number one
09:08 I Did It Again!/Cryerarchy
11:47 Funeral number two
12:50 I Did It Again, Again/An Out
13:20 Funeral number three
13:43 We're All Here to Celebrate/The Normal Way
16:03 Epilogue/Family Business (reprise)
17:21 Post show chat: Any discoveries?
17:59 Boy versus Girl celebrant
18:26 Making musicals minuscule
18:52 Favourite bit/s
19:02 Writing together
19:36 Does it need a better name?/What is a funeral celebrant?
20:23 Sitcommy songs
21:22 Thankyous
21:43 Outro song